Zinnia Designs by Tanya Philbin-Chin


So how did this all start? Well I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in 1998 (wow that was a long time ago), with a BFA in Ceramics, but the “real world” came calling soon after and I began working as a Marketing Manager in 1999. I was really missing my artistic endeavors and I decided to start getting my hands dirty in clay again. A number of my friends were having babies and so I thought of the perfect gift – personalized clay impressions of their baby’s hands and feet. What new mommy & daddy wouldn’t love that gift!

My ceramic work has since expanded to affordable and functional little trinket dishes, herb and cheese markers, ornaments, birth plaques, signs and more with impressed designs and text. I personally hand make each item and impress the images into the clay so no 2 items are never exactly the same. Check out my Etsy shop via the “shop” page above….if you have never ventured into the world of Etsy be prepared to find thousands of wonderful handmade pieces from around the planet.

Please contact me directly to set up your studio appointment for an impression of your little one’s hands and feet in clay.

Thanks for visiting my website! I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Next time you are out shopping look for my work at:

noa gifts in West Concord, MA
The Dedham Exchange in Dedham, MA
The Knotty Dog in Bristol, RI
MADE in Lawrence, KS
Bug & Brown in Ogunquit, ME
Bain’s Outdoor Living in Rumson, NJ